Top Beauty Tips

Top 10 Beauty Tips And Advice You’ll Ever Need

Top 10 Beauty Tips: Beauty Advice You’ll Ever Need

Today we come up with some great beauty tips, secrets and tips that women all around the world successfully use in their beauty routine. All of this beauty tips only require natural ingredients that can be found easily in your kitchen. All the blemish, flawless and acne free skin that you want is now no more dream with our tips. Let’s find out some brilliant beauty tips that will glow you within few days.

How to get Glowing Skin?

get Glowing Skin

While knowing the secret for perfect glowing and smooth skin; very simple secret is MILK. Room temperature lactic acid milk is less harsh than other agents like exfoliating and chemical peels. You just have to pour 3 to 4 cups of whole milk into your bath tub and add plain cream, add some honey and enjoy the relaxing experience. After this wonderful experience, rejuvenating beauty bath your skin will be very soft, simple and smooth than before. For glowing face you can splash and spray the face with icy cold mineral water. It can also help you to get rid of facial puffiness that will leave a freshness and healthy firm on your face.

How to Avoid Stretch Marks?

For preventing marks on face you need to use camellia oil and massage into the concerned area of your skin twice a day (evening and night). This tip not only helps you to get rid of stretch marks but also from discoloration of your skin.


How to get healthy Hairs without Dandruff?

healthy Hairs without Dandruff

One of the important and most popular Argan oil is used in most western countries. This oil is also called Moroccan oil. There are several ways that you can use this wonderful oil. Argan oil can be your perfect hair moisturizer to prevent hairs from dryness. With it you can also massage your head with couple of drop twice (morning and night). You can use small amount of Argan oil for your hair as long term conditioner, shine booster, overnight treatment and frizz tamer. You can also use it as your body lotion and bath oil. One more thing you can also add few drops of Argon oil into your shampoo and forget about dandruff for ever with guarantee.

How to Quick Heal Skin?

For quick healing your skin honey is included in the list of most powerful super-foods. Honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It is very efficient to boost your skin immune system, preventing you from getting bugs and cold skin. Here, how can you prepare your perfect morning drink; add a spoon of honey into a tea and little lemon water. Enjoy the delicious energetic drink that will help you to keep happy, and prevent you from cold cracks.

Quick Heal Skin

How to get Whiter Eyes Naturally?

Yellow and white fruit and vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, oranges and lemons. These contain antioxidants and vitamins to promote eyes whitening. Cold milk is the best nourishing home remedy of bright eyes. It also reduces tiredness and puffiness of eyes.

Whiter Eyes Naturally

How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes?

Simply to get rid of dark circles cut the slice of potato and apply them over your eyes for maximum 15 minutes. It is the powerful remedy that will help you lighten the skin around your eyes. Take 2 slice of cucumber squeeze the juice out apply the juice with the help of cotton bud or pads and apply on the darkest area near your eyes. This tip makes your dark circles very fade quickly and gradually disappear.

dark circles under your eyes

Mix a tea spoon of tomato pulp with a turmeric powder, ad half tea spoon of lime juice and 1 tea spoon of gram flour. Mix it and apply the paste softly on the eyelids and dark areas. Keep it for 20 mints and before removing it moist it with rosewater then you will find clean result.

How to Strengthen Nails?

When you want strong, healthy, chip-free nails; try this beauty tip. Chop up little bit of garlic and add in into bottle of nail polish. Let the nail polish soak the garlic water; it will take about 2 days. Then coat your nails with nail polish. Garlic includes antibacterial properties, It will help strengthen the texture of your nails and make you forgot about fingernails peeling and splitting. You can also apply garlic juice directly on your nails for couple of hours you will find great result after few days.

Strengthen Nails

How to Prevent Acne?

To prevent acne you need to wash your face with neem water thrice a day, gently on your face in a circular motion. The neem water contains beta hydroxyl and alpha hydroxyl acid. Multani mitti so called fuller’s earth contains face packing ability. Add lotion because it contains benzoyl peroxide. Mix all these and make paste apply on your face. Remember to don’t pop your impels because it can lead to more redness and swelling. Also clean your face with rose water and place a chilled green tea bag for 20 mints maximum. For prevention wear sunglasses and make sure that you frequently remove oil form clogging the pores around your eyes and nose.

Prevent Acne

Does SPA Works?

To make your skin pink; use a fresh cherry mask daily; apply the pulp of fresh cherries and oil mixture on your face before going on bed. Leave for 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. A gentle facial massage with oil can helps wonderful. You can also choose oils from coconut, mustard, almonds or kumkadi because they are excellent nourishing agent which helps to get glow your skin.

How to get Wrinkle Free Skin?

Wrinkle Free Skin

As we know Pine apple juice contains vitamin C and Antioxidants also called anti ageing benefits. Egg contains rich proteins that can provide extra glowing for the skin. Applying egg on skin will give you instant lift of skin and tightness. Castor oil is the great way to help your skin get skin rid of wrinkles. Make a mixture of castor oil, pineapple juice and egg. Make a paste, apply and leave it on your wrinkles. Applying 4 times a week will give you quick and effective result within a month.