Weight Loss Exercise at Home

Weight Loss Exercise at Home

Weight Loss Exercise at Home Tips

As we all know that exercise is very important for overall health. When we are trying to lose weight it becomes very important; where and how to start. Let us discuss about main weight loss exercise that directly target our multiple muscles, metabolism, rev and torch calories. Easy workout at home is the best choice when you are starting. Experts who study exercise and the thousands of people who have lost weight all are use to of exercise at home.

When you start diet without exercise you will lose muscle that means you will not burn major calories. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism and you will loss more calories. It is recommended that 20% of exercise and 80% of diet will be successful in losing weight. Weight loss exercise and diet for both female and male are almost the similar.

Therefore, we bring you to the simple tips for exercise for weight loss that will help you to shape up the body.

Cardio exercise at home:

Exercise at home is the best option; offering you very convenient way to save money as well as time.

Cardio exercise at home

Circuit Training: It works by strengthening moves and interspersing aerobics, with minimum rest in between. You have to take 20 seconds gap to catch your breath and take a sip of water.

Jumping Rope: It is very easy to do, increases foot speed and burns high amount of calories. Jumping rope is not only boost your footwork, shoulder strength and also burns about 400 calories in just 25 minutes.

Stairs Climber: It gives another good way to burn calories and fats, about 500 to 600 calories for a 200lb. The higher the leg lift you get the more significantly muscles you will have. For More info. world care center

Bear Crawl Exercise:

Athletic and military coaches recommend bear crawl. Bear crawl is also known as Bear Crawl for Bigger Gain. If you are tired of sprints, burpees and jumping rope that do try this crawling exercise. It can build your core strength, increase your hip stability and improve your shoulders mobility. All with one simple exercise the not require any fancy gym equipment and weights. Bear Crawl is the best for human leverage. It is an almost exclusive upper body strength movement that keeps you in constant unwavering pressure on your chest, shoulders and triceps.

Bear Crawl Exercise

Start your workout with 3 to 4 short bear crawls to warm up the muscle and lubricate all your body joints. Workout by doing 20 yard bear crawls between sets or by doing 20 to 30 yard as a full body move. Hips, shoulders, wrist, knees, neck all get challenged while Bear Crawl movement that is very effective for keeping you healthy and pain free.

Plank Exercise:

Plank includes all the major muscle group of your core, straight, transverse and oblique abdominal muscle and the buttocks. Planks help you to build strength in pushing your spine against the floor and cause no pain to spinal cord. Strengthening your chest, back, neck and abs. This exercise makes it easier to keep your shoulders, back and you lower back in a neutral position when standing and sitting and for good posture.

Plank Exercise

Plank stretch out you lower half of body. It also helps you develop isometric strength in your muscles. It gives you power from hunching while sitting and standing for a long period of time. Getting into the hold position lengthens your arches and hamstrings of your feet. Increasing the length of time you can hold the pose with 40 to 50 second and increase your time for maximum exercise.

Plank Exercise wrong

Push Ups Benefits:

Pushups help you to build strength, increase mental toughness and burn calories. They work with every muscle of your body, from toes to neck, Triceps to shoulders, abs and strength your chest. Pushups help you to focus on your arms, lower body all at the same time. Pushups train your muscle to work together and become stronger. It helps boost your reaction time by increase muscle fibers. These fibers are microscopic nerves keep your body balanced.

Push Ups

Push Ups Benefits

Push Ups Benefits

While you do pushups you recruit your core muscle that helps you keep back straight and assist you in pulling your belly towards your spinal cord. Strong core muscles allow you to do physical activities with easy. Pushups help resolve back problems and maintain good postures. Pushups also burn a lot of calories due to your body is engaged with multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Crunches Exercise:

Crunches are the exercise that you need to do if you want core and great abs. It works to rectus the abdominis muscles. Crunch is done when you are lying on a flat with your back knees bend and your hands behind you head, then you rise up to meet your pelvis using the shoulders and core to maintain the propel you forward.

Crunches Exercise

Bicycle Crunch: Lie on your back with your knees in the table-top position. Hands are behind head, left right shoulder closer to opposite knee while you rotate your body right and left. At the similar time lengthen right leg to 45 degree approximately.

Bicycle Crunch

Towel Crunch:Lie on back with your knees in the table position squeeze the towel in between. Hands are behind head; curl your head and shoulders off the floor. Regular crunch, force your abs to do all the work and adding intensity to the exercise.

The study was found that group of average weight loss after 6 week; with fitness program was about 8 pounds, individual results ranged from a loss of 32 pound to gain of almost four pounds.



Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Crunch

Double Crunch

Side Crunch:

Side Crunch targets the internal and external strengthens and oblique the side. This exercise helps you to sculpt the waist and giving you a more shapely body. Lie on your back. Keeping your torso straight, bend your kneed and bring them to the left so that resting on the floor. Clasp your hands together behind your head. Lift your shoulders off the floor in a crunch motion. Keep your shoulders even as if you are doing regular crunch. Once you have done a set of crunches on one side of your body for about (10 to 15 Reps).



Side Crunch exercies

Side Crunch

Side Crunch exe

Hope this article on Weight Loss Exercise at Home was informative.